Impact∞Leadership∞Strategy (ILS) is pleased to offer dedicated and professional services to businesses and non-profits to bring about their best during times of change or reinventing their mission. We look forward to talking with you further about our extensive list of services and consulting opportunities

Our Story

Having 23 years in various leadership and management roles, Ms. Melissa Silvey decided it was time to pursue her dream of getting her Masters.  Leadership was a natural fit, and has proven to be a life changing committment.  Melissa has years of experience working with a variety of sectors such as police departments, municipalities and county government, medical practices and hospitals, community based stakeholder groups and businesses.

Because her work was focused on systems change and population level systems change, she has a passion for assessing and working with organizations to address areas of strengths and weaknesses that empower C-Suite leadership and inspire their employees towards greatness.

So what is behind the name Impact∞Leadership∞Strategy and why use infinity symbols?

Impact ∞ 

To reiterate the work of Simon Sinek and his Golden Circle, we believe that everyone can and should have a sense of fulfillment from thier jobs and careers.  When we have purpose we make an impact.  Impact is having a lasting mark on people, places and things.

I get to drive through my small area of the country and see where I have had an impact.  The sign is still out, people are being served, buildings and after school programs expanded, people suffering from addiction are getting the help they need.  All of those projects have had a lasting impact and when I see the projects, they don’t see me.  In other words, no one who is getting a service that I may have created and nurtured knows me or my role.

That’s the point, I made an impact, but did not feel the need to make sure my name was attached to the project or the outcome after I moved on.  Organizations make impact, the employees in organizations make an impact. So I ask, why do we get out of bed each day?  Is it solely monetary? Is it solely for recognition?  Perhaps to some degree, yes on each question, but the greatest reason to get up and show up is to make an impact and feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.  That is what we believe in impact; so much so, we included it in our name.


Leaders tend to be visionaries.  They have big ideas, can usually see the end result but need people to help them execute their ideas.  We live in an era where innovation is happening every second of every day and the pressure on organizations to produce the next big thing is intense and daunting.  When creativity is not happening for me, I find the best remedy is to go and work alongside employees within an organization and learn.  We lose so much by not understanding what others do in organizations.

Spending a day shadowing  someone brings immense creativity back, and then the next innovation is free to flow.  Leadership is fluid.  It’s not the name on the door, the reserved parking spot, or the amount of zeros in a paycheck.  Leadership is about creating connection. Connection between employees, between leadership, between management, between vendors, between clients, or at home with family.

We have become so connected technologically that we have lost the art of being connected socially.  As we lose ways to stay connected, a fierce leader doubles down and creates avenues for all of the employees within an organization to connect meaningfully, and under that turns up the passion which impacts the bottom line.  This is what I hope to bring to leaders of organizations who may feel disconnected, stuck or need some guidance on how to get some of what was great in the organizations history back again.


I was once told by a former CEO to have a plan; Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and Plan D.  I took that advice, and to this day, Strategic Planning is the backbone of the work we do at at Impact∞Leadership∞Strategy.

If we have a goal(s) in mind, and no steps to get there, we can never realize our full potential.  Strategic Planning can be a process that is creative, inquisitive, and can replenish the hearts and minds in any organization, especially if there is a need to leave the status quo behind.  We love to help organizations realize their full potential.


Definition: the state or quality of being infinite. Limitless, boundlessness.  As leaders, we must be infinite, limitless and boundless.  We must overcome fear, have empathy, develop a leadership style that makes others want to be a part of what YOU lead.  At Impact∞Leadership∞Strategy, we have the tools to bring out the best in employees, management, leaders, stakeholders, and organizations.

Our Promise

At ILS, we use the most up to date research, information and strategic thinking to facilitate your organization’s opportunities, which will operationalize its best potential. To that end, we see ourselves as partners with people, not partners with organizations. Our specialty is creating change agents within organizations who can help marshal in a change such as pre/post mergers, acquisition, and supply chain adjustments.  Our passion is to have people make an impact on the organization, provide leadership the support needed and help achieve greatness when leading employees and stakeholders.

Whether it’s cultural shifts within an organization, identifying efficiencies to become more nimble or teach managers and leaders how to engage all staff in strategic thinking, we promise to always leave the people within the organization better than when we found it. Our work is reflective of Simon Sinek’s Start with Why.  For more on Simons work, click here.