Inspiration-Finding My Why

The past four months I have been searching for my WHY. I am embarking on a journey of entrepreneurship, and I have discovered consulting is my WHY.

I love to teach, even better is seeing someone’s face when their ‘aha’ moment happens, and I thrive best when I am working with a team with an eye towards innovation. The skill set of Impact – Leadership – Strategy or ILS ranges from grant writing, strategic planning both short and long-term, change management and innovations. This website will continue to be built and evolve over time, so feel free to bookmark it.

I have had TED Talks on my desktop for at least 3 years and rarely did I use it for leadership training or listening to learn about how we can be impactful in all that we do while still being mindful of our bottom line. I typed in the top 10 TED talks and it brought up Simon Sinek and Brene Brown. I had heard Brene Brown speak at TED and had read two of her books, but who was Simon Sinek?

After watching his Simon Sinek’s first TED talk I had to learn more, about the Golden Circle and finding my Why. His talks have been great motivators for me as I develop and refine the consultancy services and offerings of Impact – Leadership – Strategy.

I am reminded that leadership comes in many forms. My WHY is to provide individual, groups, teams, C-suite leadership and organizations with tools and processes which prepare them for change, develop short and long-term strategic planning so there is a map, identifying inefficiencies and auditing organizations which in turn will be more productive. Change management is inevitable but it does not need to be painful. I can soften the blow of that inevitably.

Impact – Leadership – Strategy’s primary purpose is to provide innovative strategies that develop thoughtful and purposeful leaders, help organizations through change, assist with grant writing and proposal preparation and work on systems that may need some efficiency reviews to better manage processes. I hope to hear from individuals and organizations who wish to Find Your Why.

Until next time…