The Challenge: When a grant or funding proposal comes along, in many organizations must stop doing their primary job to switch to grant writing and proposal preparation. This takes an enormous effort by staff to prepare federal, state, local and private foundation proposals. This, in turn, makes the staff fall behind on their other duties and responsibilities. Things come to a standstill when working on a proposal. With tighter deadlines, Impact – Leadership – Strategy LLC (ILS) can assist with grant writing and proposal preparation.

Solution: Grant and proposal writing can be left to us, so you can get back to doing the good work of making an impact without the worry of page numbers and following directions obsessively. Let us help. We have many years’ experience in the grant writing arena and can assist organizations in developing full proposals or just review proposals prior to submission. We have attention to detail and proofreading skill sets as well as aligning the proposal to ensure it matches the needs of the funder.

IMPACT: ILS staff has years of experience in grant writing and proposal preparation. ILS leadership has garnered over 10M in grant funding. With a proven track record, we can review proposals before submission against the request for proposals if full proposal writing is not needed. We have experience in reviewing grants before submission to make sure every aspect of the proposal addresses the request for proposals (RFP) or request for qualifications (RFQ). To learn more, please contact us!