The Challenge: While many efforts are made by today’s organizations to ensure inclusivity, managerial flexibility, work/life balance and are innovative. If your company has teams that perform an abundance of the work within your organization, there can be culture differentials between teams. If your company has departments, subsidiaries one-on-one environments or is multi-national and has world headquarters and offices throughout the globe, there is little argument that each has their own specific organizational culture.

Moreover, when there is a change is C-Suite Leadership or new managerial styles implemented with little thought can greatly impact all the categories mentioned above. Sometimes a cultural shift is positive, and sometimes it can have a negative impact that can cause irreparable damage. Company culture requires leadership to watch, listen, and formulate ideas to remove barriers hampering the organization’s growth and innovation. Bad culture can completely dismantle any positive changes made because people are fearful of change; causing the organizational behavior to have a negative impact on employees, leadership, shareholders, if applicable and the consumer.

Solution: An example of IMPACT – Leadership – Strategy’s solutions may include using the works of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why (2009) and Leader’s Eat Last(2014), Margaret Heffernan’s Beyond Measure (2015) and other current Thought Leaders to assess company culture through a broad range of change tools to identify what culture exists within the company, the employees, the shareholders and the consumer. We can create tailored plans, training, and technical assistance to change the culture that may be causing a toxic workplace, negative market shares, and consumer distrust.

IMPACT: Changing organizational culture takes time, investment and authenticity. IMPACT – Leadership – Strategy has the advantage of being flexible enough to dedicate time, resources and inputs to help change the direction towards a culture that is purposeful, meaningful and inspirational. To learn more, please contact us!