The Challenge: Organizations and municipalities often need to pause and determine what is the most critical actions it can implement while working in a fast-paced environment. It is easy to know when equipment has broken down, or a major road repair that is needed without having the funding to replace either. Participating in a Needs Assessment assist companies and municipalities to prioritize needs and then using the needs assessment a strategic plan is developed. Data may not be available for each division or department begins to become apathetic because of nothing changes if nothing changes. To reignite employees and communities, a thorough participatory needs assessment can start the process of prioritizing. We are excited to guide organizations sequentially to complete needs assessments for municipalities and County government to measure need within the police, fire, DPW, recreation, or other divisions within a community. Organizations and their leadership may consider completing a needs assessment on its overall strategy of products and services or may wish to drill down to project management teams, IT, or customer service. Contact us!

Solution: Impact – Leadership – Strategy can help develop the appropriate needs assessments and work towards developing a 3-5 year strategic plan. An example of our solutions may include using the works of Simon Sinek’s Start With Why (2009) and Leader’s Eat Last(2014), Margaret Heffernan’s Beyond Measure (2015), William Rothwell’s Creating Engaged Employees (2014) which has resources to measure needs within organizations communities, municipalities, and county government. Employees are the greatest asset to any organization. Therefore, we are passionate about including them in the needs assessment and strategic planning process. Determining what solutions can be deployed and the development of a timeline for strategic planning is part of our strategy to transform communities and organizations to healthy and happy organizations, municipalities, government, and communities.

IMPACT: We create tailored needs assessments, develop training and technical assistance with employee engagement and community members and municipal stakeholders which will lead to a happy, healthy and purposeful workforce and community. Strategic Planning based on needs assessments become the roadmap for success. It also sends a clear message that organizations and municipalities care about their employees and their constituents- it is the best investment an organization can make overall. Contact us!