The Challenge: Structure is an influence on the organization and connects to try and serve as the control of an organization as well as distinguishes all its parts or departments. Often the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, i.e., resources, employees, customers, and shareholders. Usually, companies start small, and as layers added, the company grows, and it becomes increasingly hard to navigate and manage. It becomes daunting for leadership to implement a structured transformation, such as a merger or customer service rollout, as well as manage all the moving parts to institute change management. Transformational plans that are well thought out and has direct stakeholder involvement often need to have an outside perspective come in to assist with the development of a vision for change and structural changes that can make that vision a reality.

Solution: Impact – Leadership – Strategy can assess organization’s environment of willingness for change among staff, focus groups among varied stakeholders, workgroups to define what is working well as well as assets and gaps utilizing company identified champions. Developing a comprehensive transformation structure plan that will consist of mentoring organizational leadership through the process; hold workshops & practical training to address the transformational and change management framework and gather additional data on areas that may need to better align into the final plan.

IMPACT: A design and implementation plan for structural transformation is created and has three dimensions: Leadership and Board; Employees and Vendors; and the Consumer. Each sector requires different steps and methodologies applied to a strategic timeline. Change management steps will be clear and the guidance documents developed will have the framework for different stakeholder groups. A step by step playbook will accompany the final roll out an impactful transformation affecting multiple conditions. Contact us if your organization is ready for transformation.